About Me

A strategist by profession, storyteller by heart. Base everything on the first principle approach, be it a business decision or a personal one. A dopamine enthusiast in the never-ending chase of thrill and novelty via dating.

On paper- IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Rpr. Born and raised in Delhi- NCR, then stayed all over for studies and work. Mumbai is my favorite city in India.

Not on paper- I started writing on these lines after a near-death accident at 21, my right side got partially paralyzed for some time and ironically the adroitness of my fingers got hampered due to which I can’t write manually (using pen and paper) with speed. I have undergone 4 brain surgeries, 37% of the skull is titanium (watch the standup titled ‘The Fall‘ for more. Switch on the subtitles though, the audio gets muffled in the audience’s laughter.

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