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Thought Circle

Discusses possible incompatibility between an engineer & an accountant (CA/ CFA/ CPA), bachelor’s of commerce graduate or even lawyer, as long-term romantic partners

Dating Matrix

So, I was in Bangalore for a couple of months on a project. I was at a bar on a Saturday night and doing my ‘research’ on modern-day dating in the new city. It was around 10 in the night, and a girl came and sat by the bar counter, a couple of stools away from me.

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So recently I came back to India and probably in the worst of times. I landed here right in the middle of the second wave of the COVID pandemic. And although it is a grave concern, for maintaining the theme of this site, I will talk about another disturbing issue. With lockdowns being announced in …

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Sales Funnel

She has achieved something that most people can’t even dream of achieving. She lost almost half her body weight, from 175 lbs to becoming an influencer on Instagram who brands pay to get clicked with their products.

Sales Circle

So lately, I had started going to Delhi bars/ clubs a lot; and by ‘a lot’ I mean 5-6 nights a week. To put things in perspective, even the waiters working there took more leaves than me. On top of that, I was trying out Barney Stinson’s ‘Suit Up!’ technique; I was going to these …

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Gig Economy

So, recently I was talking to a girl, and her first text was ‘User Engaged’. All thanks to this site and the consequential benefits of pull marketing. It didn’t take me any time to figure out that she is an engineer and I sent her a link to the correlated MVP article. She was quite …

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