Author name: Sidhant

Pareto Principle

Thankfully though, she smiled back at me. I saw the opening, moved on to her table. Although we didn’t talk much, the whole chemistry was off the charts. In the next few days, I went out shopping with her, to a spicy biryani place for dinner, to a quaint cafe for chocolate desserts, and even …

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Elevator Pitch

So at a bar, one needs to precisely position himself to be able to capitalize on the opportunities. If you are good at dancing, then flaunt your dance skills on the dance floor; good with words, head to places with lighter music (generally smoking areas); with money to flaunt, head to the bar, and buy …

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So, I am quite into spontaneous plans. And by that I don’t mean spontaneously getting a weekend work assignment or someone spontaneously canceling on me at the last moment; you get the drift. I recently had quite an interesting date which in the hindsight looks like one of the most spontaneous across the past decade. …

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Scarcity Principle

So, I might have gone on numerous dates across the past decade, but this girl was by far the most aesthetically appealing. With her flawlessly fair skin and quintessential body, she can easily give any Hollywood actress a run for her money. I could have easily mistaken her for a model or celebrity till I …

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So, It was late in the evening on a breezy winter day and I was on a date. She was quite impeccably dressed, wearing a cocktail dress and stilettos. I, on the other hand, was confidently flaunting my ‘out of the bed’ look with torn denim, a tee, and messy hair. Once I saw her, …

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