Cooperative Game Theory

So, I was out with some friends and some of their friends (ideal audience). I was silent at the outset, but after they had a few drinks, I started with my experiences and theories on love (doesn’t make sense to a sober mind). They had a hearty laugh and were astonished, to say the least. One of them switched seats to listen to my tales better. She even said, my over analysis of love might leave me single forever. On the bright side, though, I am doing a great service to mankind by contemplating valuable insights out of my dating experiences. I was even compared to the Nobel Prize winner, John Nash.

Let me exemplify in the context of human relationships. Let us say the end aim of humans is to be happy and falling in love increases the happiness of both the humans and consider love makes both of them equally happy (T/2). According to game theory, the dependence of a person (A) on the other (B) is the average of B’s single hood happiness and the happiness when both are together minus B’s single hood happiness.

Worth of A in the relationship= (A + (T-B))/2

( A, B denote singlehood happiness and T denotes the total happiness when they are in a relationship)

In a way, it also means that the happier you are single, the better are your chances to find your dream match because that would lead to an increase in his/her happiness. So all the philosophy and religious preachings about loving oneself to emanate positive vibes that attract people; actually makes complete mathematical sense.

And here for years, I have been in the quest of love seeking divine happiness. Little did I realize that the answer lay within me.



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