So, I am quite into spontaneous plans. And by that I don’t mean spontaneously getting a weekend work assignment or someone spontaneously canceling on me at the last moment; you get the drift. I recently had quite an interesting date which in the hindsight looks like one of the most spontaneous across the past decade. Not just the fact that it happening at the gym of Taj at around 2 in the night, it was the spontaneity of the whole plan panning out while I was at a house party after a long tiring day.

Anyway, coming to the MBA concept of DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins). Human happiness is caused by 4 basic chemicals:


Dopamine Oxytocin Serotonin Endorphins

On your journey to becoming fit, your body released endorphins to cope with the pain of physical exercise. You probably began to enjoy exercise as you got into it, and the endorphins made you happy –  temporarily.

On your journey to becoming rich, you probably completed many tasks and goals. You probably bought all the things you’ve ever wanted. Nice cars, beautiful clothes, and perfect home. This released dopamine in your brain when you achieved your goals and bought these things, which once again contributed to your happiness -temporarily.

Serotonin is released when we act in a way that benefits others. When we give to causes beyond ourselves and our own benefit. When we connect with people on a deep, human level. That’s why you often see billionaires turning to charity when they have already bought everything they wanted to, and experienced everything they wanted to in life. They’ve had enough dopamine from material pleasures, now they need the serotonin.

Oxytocin, on the other hand, is released when we become close to another human being. When we hug a friend or shake someone’s hand, oxytocin is released in varying amounts. It’s all about becoming more social! Share your wealth with your friends and family to create amazing experiences.

So the right balance of all 4 chemicals helps you achieve true happiness.

Out of all four chemicals, dopamine is the one with a high positive correlation to addiction. Gambling, drinking, promiscuity, gaming, social media give a dopamine rush. Someone comments on your post or likes your photo or even watches your story; you get a dopamine hit. With the advent of dating apps, dating has become like gambling where one always is on the token machine for a higher dopamine hit.

That brings me back to the gym date. So is it? Did I finally find my oxytocin? Well, we were in the gym at a hotel because she was visiting the town for a business conference and was flying back the next day. While I was holding her hands as she did squats and conversing, we were discussing dopamine and oxytocin in the context of dating. She made quite a witty statement, and said: “It would be so sweet to hear from someone ‘I get my oxytocin from you’ “.



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