Luxury Brand Marketing

So, recently I met a strong, independent woman from a completely diverse field. We vibed right from the moment we started talking. In fact, we immediately got on a video call and decided to meet up at that very moment.


From the moment we hugged, I felt a rush of warmth in my whole body. She made wholesome and appetizing prawns, and I don’t know whether it was the taste I fell for or the hands which were feeding me. I just wanted to be with her all day, be it breakfast, lunch, or even the gym. In fact, even her CrossFit trainer knows me now.

Anyway, coming to the MBA concept of the post. In marketing, the principles for the marketing of consumer durables are very different from those for luxury goods. That is where ‘Luxury Brand Marketing‘ comes into the picture. It works on the concept of the experience economy and the aim to create memorable experiences. More than the utilitarian value of the product, the emotional value matters.

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Luxury Brand Marketing can be replicated in the case of modern-day dating as well. Exclusivity or not engaging with every other person who claims to have feelings for you is a good way to position yourself as a luxury brand. That is one of the reasons why the market value of someone in a relationship at times is more because of the non-availability.

That brings me the art restorer. So is this it? Has the artist finally found his art? Well, I mentioned at the beginning of the post that she has achieved a lot. She is a single mother who is raising a son. She doesn’t have any bandwidth for me in her life and isn’t looking to get into another relationship after getting out of a strained marriage.  She is playing the field and isn’t looking for anything serious. That being said, the passion aspect of the ‘Triangular Model‘ was off the charts.



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