Scarcity Principle

So, I might have gone on numerous dates across the past decade, but this girl was by far the most aesthetically appealing. With her flawlessly fair skin and quintessential body, she can easily give any Hollywood actress a run for her money. I could have easily mistaken her for a model or celebrity till I actually got to know what she does in life. She is a doctor, and not a dentist or something but a surgeon.

As soon as we met, I felt a warm vibe. She is quite modest for someone with her accolades and looks. She didn’t even portray a hint of narcissism. I loved her pensive point of view and time just flew by in her company. I might lack a bit of social self-awareness but from her laughs, I could see that she was having a good time too. Until she got a call that she had to reach the hospital immediately to cover for a friend. I dropped her back home and as I am not a big fan of texting, we talked that night and the night after and after.

Scacrcity Principle

Psychologists note that when a good or service is perceived to be scarce, people want it more. Consider how many times you’ve seen an advertisement stating something like a limited-time offer, while supplies last, only a few items left in stock, etc. The feigned scarcity causes a surge in the demand for the commodity. The thought that people want something they cannot have drives them to desire the object even more.

The psychology behind the scarcity principle lies in social proof and commitment and can be used to draw a number of insights in the context of modern-day dating. Sociologists believe that even Romeo and Juliet, cited as the epitome of love wouldn’t have been so close having it not been for their parents’ strong restrictions against their union. It was the perceived unavailability of each other that brought them closer than ever.

Social proof is consistent with the belief that a potential date values you more if you have a stronger individuality. It portrays that you have a strong BATNA. On the principle of commitment, someone who has committed himself to acquire something will want it more if he finds out he cannot have it. In other words, you have your own life and are not available at their becking call. But the most important insight is to apply the scarcity principle only when you have got the other person substantially interested in you otherwise, it backfires.

That brings me to the gorgeous doctor with breathtaking looks. So is this it? Is this the ethereal love that had deserted me all my life? Well, I talked about the scarcity principle. I decided to apply it and didn’t contact her for a few days to portray individuality and a paucity of my time. She never talked to me after that. That’s because I forgot the most important insight. I hadn’t got her stimulated enough to care.



Update-She is in a happy relationship with a celebrity Indian singer for a couple of years now. I am really happy for her.

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